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Herne Farm Leisure Centre – Main Hall

For All Covid-19 Information   Click Here

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 Hall Hirers:  Risk Assessment. Click Here   Security Instructions. Click Here  –  Herne Farm: Risk Assessment. Click Here  –  Documents: Hall Hire

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Herne Farm Leisure Centre Main Hall is available for Hire by Residents and Non-Residents. Ideal for Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Meetings and Societies. Well equipped new bar, kitchen and recently added air conditioning.

It boasts ample tables and seating for up to 90 people. The Main Hall backs onto to a secure enclosed garden area which is perfect for a barbecue, hog roast or simply to take in the fresh air.

Residents when Hiring the Hall will receive a 10% discount, proof of residency will be required.

Hall Hire Documents click here.

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Opening Times

The Main Hall sessions are divided into Morning, Afternoon and Evening sessions. The Hall Diary shows the current bookings.

The times are:
Morning      09:00 till 13:00
Afternoon   13:30 till 18:00
Evening       18:30 till 23:00
( Saturdays up until 23:30 hrs ).

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Bar Hire

We have a Bar available to Hire with two Fully Trained Bar Staff for those very special occasions. 

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Hall and Bar Rules

The Herne Farm Leisure Centre does not allow alcohol to be consumed on the premises unless in the Hall, and it has been purchased at the Centre’s Licensed Bar.

The Management may grant permission on special occasions (with a signed agreement) for alcohol to be brought onto the premises (any activity must comply with UK licensing laws), also providing the Hirer has their own Liquor License, and the alcohol can only be consumed in the Main Hall.

All ‘private parties’ are excluded from this arrangement and if any alcohol is to be consumed on the premises then the Bar must be included as part of the Hire. 

Each Booking or Hire will be considered carefully by the Centre Manager, and some may require Board approval.

18th and 21st birthday parties are usually rejected based on generating more problems affecting the Centre and Local Residents.

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Entertainment Licence

From 2022, the Herne Farm Leisure Centre no longer has a site licence to play music.

If you are planning on Hiring the Main Hall at Herne Farm for anything that involves the playing of music and the sale of tickets, or any other type of payment being made, then you must have a valid ‘Entertainment Licence’.

If you are unsure whether you need a licence then please contact the Centre Manager who will be able to clarify if you need one or not.
Also if you do, then he will be able to help organise or arrange one at a small charge.

(If a licence is required, then Hires/Bookings will only be accepted or allowed to commence once there is proof of a valid Entertainment Licence to play music).


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The Main Hall is an ideal venue to host your Wedding Breakfast.

We want your day to be perfect and will try to do everything we can.
Typically a Hirer will Hire the Main Hall for the whole weekend allowing you to get everything right.

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If you wish to Hire the Main Hall for a ‘Party’ then please send all the details to the Centre Manager at manage@hernefarmlimited.co.uk. Please include the following:

Note: If you require a ‘Bouncy Castle’ then it must be NO Higher than ’10 foot High’.


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What’s On This Week In The Main Hall

View the Hall Classes Calendar

Herne Farm – Classes

To View Full Herne Farm Calendar please Click on ‘+ Google Calendar‘ sign above.

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To View Full Herne Farm Calendar please Click on ‘+ Google Calendar‘ sign above.

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Cost for Hiring Main Hall

Sunday to Saturday (Day Time)

Sunday to Friday (Evenings)

Saturday Evening

Bar Hire

A Deposit will be required on all Hires.

Prices may vary depending on time of year, for an actual cost please contact the Centre Manager with all your times and requirements on 01730 266 874 or by email manager@hernefarmlimited.co.uk.

Hall Hire Documents click here.

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Hire Periods

All Hire Periods must include time for setting up, clearing away, removing any rubbish and any cleaning that may be required.

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