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Open Spaces Maintenance Contract

Site / Area Description Frequency of Visit
Herne Farm Lawn Mowing entire site (Approximate no of cuts) 22
Herne Farm lawn EdgingTo be completed periodically alongside mowing 1
Hedge Cutting Butser Walk Annual Hedge cut 1
Herne farm Centre Centre garden tidy, pruning, hedge cutting 2
Longdown Long Down Garden Tidy , pruning and re- shaping shrubs 1
Lower Wardown Lower Wardown Tidy , pruning, clearing leaf litter and tree pruning 1
Herne Farm Post Winter Tidy up , storm damage etc. Jan- Feb 2015 1
Hern Farm Centre The Mound next to the Coop Car park prune back growth 1
Upper Hayshott Upper Hayshott Hedge Cutting 1
Herne Farm Centre Car Park Application of weedkiller on all hard surfaces 2
Butser Walk Tree/shrub prune 1