Herne Farm Leisure Centre – Open Spaces Information

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Open Spaces

Herne Farm Limited is responsible for the following areas of Open Spaces on the Herne Farm Estate.

Butser Walk, Compton House to Crundles, Hanger Way, Leisure Centre, Long Down, Lower Wardown and Upper Heyshott.

(All other areas of open space on the estate are the responsibility of Hampshire County Council (Footpaths and Roads), East Hampshire District Council or The Environment Agency).
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Open Spaces Extracts from Land Registry Maps.

Google Map of Herne Farm Estate

Our Gardener

Michael Smith Ltd T/A Complete Garden Maintenance

Michael Smith

Mobile: 07979 595441

Tree Care Specialist

Adam Gibson Tree Care Specialist

Contact Details:

​Web Siteadam@adamgibsontreecare.co.uk

* If you require any work that requires specialist equipment for Tree and Hedge Cutting or Pruning, Herne Farm Limited use this Tree Care Specialist.

Current Schedule of Open Space Maintenance Work is shown below

Site / Area / Location Description Frequency of Visit
Butser Walk Communal Garden Tidy Up, Hedge Cutting, Bramble Removal, Tree Pruning & Waste Removal 1
Butser Walk Lower Hedge Cutting (incl: Waste Removal) 1
Butser Walk Upper Hedge Cutting (incl: Waste Removal & Facing Up the Hedge at certain intervals) 1
Crundles Garden Pruning, Weeding, Hedge Cutting & Weed Control Application 2
Crundles Garden Lawn Moving at Regular Intervals to fit in with Hire and Usage 12
Herne Farm Estate Regular Lawn Mowing, Strimming & Waste Removal (incl: Strimming Bank at Crundles) 22
Herne Farm Estate Systemic Weedkiller Application (max 12 Per Year) 12
Herne Farm Estate (Next to Marden Way Cul-de-Sac and Large Green Large Mixed Hedge Pruning (incl: Waste Removal) 1
Long Down Communal Garden Pruning, Hedge Cutting, Tree Pruning & Waste Removal 1
River Walk Bramble Cut Back To Keep The Path Clear (nearest to the Crundles Car Park) 4
Upper Heyshott Garden Tidy, Hedge Cutting, Pruning Re-shaping, Tree Pruning & Waste Removal 2