Squash Court Hire

The Herne Farm Squash Courts are available to hire for Group, Individual and Coaching Sessions.

There are three categories for Hiring the Squash Courts at Herne Farm, ‘Single Hire, Multiple Hire and Coaching‘.

    1. Single Hire:- Resident and Non-Resident players can log into the WebBooking system via this website. (Max of 4 players per court, 2 sessions a day).
    2. Multiple Hire:- This is for ‘Hiring the Squash Courts’ for more than 2 (two) sessions in any one day or over multiple days or weeks.
      (For example: Schools, Juniors, Organisations, Groups, Any Coaching of Adults or Under 16’s).
      By signing the ‘ Multiple Hire Agreement Form’ you are agreeing to all the ‘Conditions of Squash Court Hire’ and the ‘Rules and Guidelines’

    3. Coaching:- The ‘Multiple Hire Agreement Form’ must be completed for all coaching at Herne Farm. 
Herne Farm Squash Court Hire
1. Single Hire.  (Normal)

Residents and Non-Residents.

  • Residents: 
    • Will receive a 50% discount on standard court hire fees, but not when coaching.
    • Can book up to 7 days in advance.
  • Non-Residents: 
    • Must be ‘Registered’ and have paid the annual fee.
    • Can book up to 5 days in advance.

Document List: 

  1. Squash Court Hire Charges.
  2. Conditions of Squash Court Hire

If you require more than 2 (two) sessions per day or multiple days then please use the ‘Squash Court Multiple Hire Agreement Form’ .

All Multiple Hires are ‘Provisional’ until full payment has been received.

2. Multiple Hire

For any Coaching, Groups, Juniors or Schools, and Organisations wanting to Hire the squash courts.

  • Multiple Squash Court Hire:
    • Please complete, sign and return the ‘Squash Court Multiple Hire Agreement Form’ to the Centre Manager.
    • All Bookings are ‘provisional’ until the full payment has been made.
    • Resident discount is NOT allowed.
    • For all players under the age of 16 – Adequate ‘adult supervision’ must be provided when players are both ‘on and off‘ the court.
    • Large Bookings like ‘tournaments’ are not permitted for Health and Safety reasons.

Document List: 

  1. Squash Court Multiple Hire Agreement Form.
  2. Squash Court Hire Charges.
  3. Conditions of Squash Court Hire.
Coaching. When organising any Coaching at the Herne Farm Squash Courts, you must complete and return the ‘Squash Court Multiple Hire Agreement Form’ stating that it involves coaching). Coaching: All Coaches – Must be registered with Herne Farm Limited as a coach. Proof of Qualifications to coach, including a valid DBS to coach Under 16’s, must be checked by the Centre Manager before coaching is allowed at Herne Farm. Adequate ‘adult supervision’ must be provided when Under 16’s players are both ‘on and off’ the court during the Hire. Document List: Squash Court Multiple Hire Agreement Form. Squash Court Hire Charges. Conditions of Squash Court Hire.


Mezzanine floor (viewing area):-
Please check the ‘Notice Board’ for any ‘restrictions’ on numbers allowed on the mezzanine floor.
(This includes all players, coaches, adult supervisors and especially any visitors/parents).
All are asked to wait quietly and keep noise levels to a minimum to avoid disturbing any other users of the Leisure Centre.
The ‘Main Entrance/Foyer’ is a ‘Fire Exit’ and must be kept clear at all times of any bags, equipment, bicycles and any other obstructions.
Single Hire:- Maximum of 4 players allowed on court at any one time per court session.
Multiple Hire:-
For ‘under 16s’ the maximum number is 6 players per court session, and 12 players in total for both courts.
Adequate ‘adult supervision’ is required at all times for all players ‘under the age of 16’, both ‘on and off’ the court.
Under certain circumstances the number of players allowed may be limited.
CCTV camera system records 24/7 both inside and outside of the Leisure Centre, it is monitored and checked on a regular basis


Squash Court Hire Details and Charges:

    • Squash Court Hire Charge:- All ‘Squash Court Sessions’ are charged at the ‘Standard Rate’ of £6.00, and this rate will be reviewed annually.
    • Single Hire:-    Residents will receive a 50% discount on the ‘Standard Rate’ , (no discount allowed when coaching).
    • Multiple Hire:- 
      • Hire Agreements are for ’12 weeks only’, and when it expires it will need to be renewed.
      • Any discount is at the discretion of the Centre Manager, up to a maximum of 10% and only one discount allowed per ‘Hire Agreement’.
      • The ‘Residents Discount’ is NOT allowed on any ‘Multiple Hires’ of the squash courts. 
      • Any ‘Bookings’ involving multiple courts on any one day (for example ‘tournaments’ ), are not permitted for Health and Safety reasons.
      • A ‘Multiple Hire’ may also be referred to as a ‘Corporate / Commercial Booking’.
      • A returnable deposit may be required depending on circumstances of the hire, and this will be at the discretion of the Centre Manger.
    • Coaching:-  
      • All ‘Coaches’ must be ‘registered to coach’ with Herne Farm Limited before being allowed to coach at the Leisure Centre.
      • Basic Coaching is ‘One on One’ for Adults or Under 16’s.
      • Group Coaching is for coaching multiple number of Adults or Under 16’s, (restriction on numbers attending will apply).
      • Coaching Fees:-
        • Herne Farm Limited accepts NO responsibility for any fees or monies paid to ‘Squash Coaches’ for any coaching at the Herne Farm Leisure Centre.
        • It is the responsibility of all the ‘Squash Coaches’ to declare any earnings to the appropriate authorities or tax office.