About Herne Farm

A resident owned Estate in Petersfield including a Leisure Centre with Hall, Squash and Swimming Pool facilities.

Welcome to Herne Farm

The Herne Farm Estate is a residential owned estate a short walk from Petersfield Town Centre.


The estate consists of a communal leisure centre and open spaces which are owned by shareholders and managed by Herne Farm Limited.

Herne Farm Estate

residents only


Table Tennis



Herne Farm Leisure Centre in Petersfield

The Leisure Centre is owned by the Residents (also known as Shareholders) of the Herne Farm Estate.Access to the Leisure Centre is via a Key Fob, and it must be used every time you enter the Centre.


Rules for the Leisure Centre must be adhered to at all times whilst in the Centre.


Leisure Activities are:

  • Squash,
  • Swimming,
  • Table Tennis,
  • Hall Hire


The Centre is a short walk to Petersfield Town Centre, The Heath Lake and the Main Line Railway from Portsmouth to London. The Centre has a Swimming Pool for Residents Only and guests, it has a Main Function Hall which is available for Hire.

There are two Squash Courts for Residents to Hire and these Courts are also available for Hire by Non- Residents (registration is required for access to the Centre). Resident discount will apply on Hall and Squash Court Hire.

The Centre has it’s own Private Car Park at the front of the Centre.


The Herne Farm Estate has a ‘Management Company’ called ‘Herne Farm Limited’, which is responsible for the running of the Resident Owned Leisure Centre, managing of the Open Spaces that are part of Herne Farm Estate, and collecting the ‘Annual Management Charge.


All Properties on the Herne Farm Estate still have a ‘Covenant’, and this is managed by Here Farm Limited on behalf of Kebbell Development Limited.

Herne Farm Squash Court Hire
Table Tennis Hire Petersfield

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Herne Farm Frequently Asked Questions

Herne Farm Limited is the ‘Company Name’ for the Management Company that runs and manages the Herne Farm Estate on behalf of the Shareholders/Residents.

The Company Name is registered with ‘Companies House’ under the following number 01130732

    • Address: The Leisure Centre, Crundles, Petersfield, Hants, GU31 4PJ.
    • Company Type: Private limited Company.
    • Incorporated on: 23rd August 1973.
    • Nature of Business: 98000 – Residents property management.

Herne Farm Limited is made up of a ‘Board Of Directors‘, and these directors are elected or re-elected at the AGM each year (normally in September or October).

    • All Directors are ‘Unpaid Volunteers’.
    • They must declare anything that can be considered as a ‘Conflict of Interest’.
    • They must not be ‘Benefiting’ from their position on the Board of Directors.
    • They must also work in the best interest and fairness for all the ‘Residents’ of Herne Farm for whom they were elected by and represent.

Herne Farm Limited manages the 793 properties on the estate and all ‘Open Spaces’ that come under their responsibility on behalf of the Shareholders/Residents.

    • Properties consist of 689 (Houses, Bungalows) and 104 Flats.
    • Open Spaces are Butser Walk, Compton House to Crundles, Hanger Way, The Leisure Centre, Long Down, Lower Wardown and Upper Heyshott.

Shareholders or Residents are the owners of the properties on the estate.

    • Every property owner is issued with a ‘Share Certificate’ when they move onto the estate, and this classifies them as a ‘Shareholder’.
    • Each ‘Shareholder’ is entitled to ‘one vote‘ at the annual AGM.

Annual Management Charge is paid by every property to Herne Farm Limited,

    • It is collected in January by the Centre Manager on behalf of the Company.
    • This management charge is set at the AGM for the following year.

To Contact any of the ‘Board of Directors’ please state clearly ‘For the Attention of ‘.

    • By Email: manager@hernefarmlimited.co.uk.
    • By Post: The Leisure Centre, Crundles, Herne Farm, Petersfield, Hants, GU31 4PJ.
    • By Phone: 01730 266784 (Office hours Mon to Fri 9.00 – 13.00).
  • You are a Resident of Herne Farm and you have paid your Annual Management Charge.
  • You are a Guest of a Resident. (** Restrictions Will Apply).
  • You are a Non-Resident Squash Player.
    • You have Registered.
    • Paid the Annual Fee.
    • Paid for a Key Fob (non-refundable) so you can access the Centre.
    • Signed and agreed to the Rules of the Leisure Centre.
  • You can also access the Centre if,
    • You are attending a Private Function in the Main Hall.
    • Taking part in an Organised Fitness/Exercise Class or Activity at the Leisure Centre.

It is currently under review. 

  • Our Facebook page is normally monitored. 
  • We do ask that if you wish to contact us with a valid question or comment that you please email the Centre Manager at manager@hernefarmlimited.co.uk.
  • For up to date information regarding anything about Herne Farm and the Leisure Centre, then please use this ‘Official Website’.
  • You can also contact the Centre Manager on 01730 266874 (Mon-Fri 09:00 till 13:00).

The Herne Farm Centre is a ‘Leisure Centre’, it’s officially title is ‘Herne Farm Leisure Centre‘.

    • The Leisure Centre is privately owned by the Residents/Shareholders of Herne Farm.
    • It is Managed by Herne Farm Limited.
    • It is used by the Residents and their guests as a Leisure Centre.
    • It can also be hired by Non-Residents for functions.

It is often mistaken and misrepresented as being a Community Centre which is incorrect and very misleading.

There is already a ‘Community Centre’ in Petersfield which is located off the estate in Love Lane, it is called Petersfield Community Centre.


A cleaning company are contracted to clean the centre on a daily basis. An agreed set of tasks are carried out and recorded so that Herne Farm Limited can understand what has been cleaned. Spotchecks are completed to ensure that tasks are completed in a satisfactory manner.